Sundyne PPI Diaphragm Compressors engineered to be reliable and contamination free



When you're considering a diaphragm compressor for your application, Sundyne PPI can be of assistance right from the start. During the initial definition of your needs, our engineers can provide you with guidance and suggestions that may save you time and costs.
In fact, with your input, Sundyne PPI has the experience and resources to design and manufacture a complete custom system to optimize your application or process.

Alternative head-closures for high efficiency and low maintenance

Sundyne PPI matches the compressor head-closure design to the operating parameters for each application. This ensures the highest efficiency and cost effectiveness, and makes disassembly and assembly for maintenance as easy and quick as possible.

Check valves to match process conditions
Gas pressure, molecular weight, heat, corrosion, and velocity are crucial factors to consider when designing a check valve. Sundyne PPI takes these design factors into account when specifying check valves for your compressor. Materials are selected to minimize wear, improve sealing, and reduce corrosive and erosive effects. Valve designs are selected based on process conditions. Elastomeric sealed poppet check valves are used for discharge pressures of around 5000 psi (345 bar) or less. Metal sealed ball check valves are used for higher pressures. Plate-type check valves are generally used on high capacity models.

The leak detection system
Sundyne PPI originated the O ring seal system for leak detection that has become an industry standard. Used in conjunction with triple diaphragm construction, it rapidly detects a diaphragm- or diaphragm-seal-failure.

A sandwich of three separate diaphragms with O ring seals is employed, in conjunction with one or more leak detection ports. The outer two diaphragms are conventionally flat and smooth, while the middle diaphragm has scribed grooves that run from within the seal area to the outer edge of the diaphragm. The scribed grooves provide a path for gas or hydraulic fluid to flow to the detection system in the event of a failure.

Options and accessories for complete custom systems
Systems can include a wide range of components, including suction and discharge pulsation dampeners, process after coolers, crankcase heaters, custom valves and fittings. Process piping can be customized; butt-weld and socket-weld techniques can be used.

Take advantage of decades of compressor product development expertise
To request a consultation with a field sales engineer, or just to learn more about diaphragm compressors, please contact your local Sundyne Channel Partner.



Developed and patented by Sundyne PPI engineers to provide a positive seal with a simple low-torque closure. This design is used when the combination of pressure and cavity diameter make it the most efficient closure.


The simplest and most commonly used design, this is limited to pressures 7500 psi (500 bar) or less.