The Series 2L Diaphragm Compressor for pressures up to 15,000 psig .

The Sundyne Series 2L Diaphragm Compressor is available in single and two stage configurations.  Sub-series modles are as follows:

  • 2000, Single Stage
  • 2L, Two Stage

Performance Envelope


Maximum Working Pressure  15,000 psi
Maximum Motor Size  15 hp 11 kW
Mounting  L configuration
Flanges  0.5 to 1.0 inch process connection flanges
Materials of Construction  Process Slide: SS
Crankcase: Ductile Iron
Connecting Rod: High Strength Ductile
Crosshead: Aluminum
Cylinder: Ductile Iron
Wrist Pin: Tool Steel
Maximum Displacement 7.1 ft3/min
Speed Range 250 to 450 rpm
Maximum Discharge Temperature 475 °F 246 °C
Stroke Length 2.5 in
Piston Range 0.3 to 3.5in
Crankshaft Diameter 1.5 in
Crankpin Diameter 1 in
Main Bearing Type Tapered Roller
Crank Bearing Type Babbit Sleeve
Crank Pin Bearing Type Needle
Lubricant-ISO 68
Lubrication Type Splash
Sump Capacity-Quarts 3
Oil Cooler NRQ
Cooling Type Water Cooled

  • Chemical Processing
  • Petrochemical
  • Specialty Gases
  • Silicon Manufacturing