The Series 9X Diaphragm Compressor for pressures up to 3,350 psig .

The Series 9X Diaphragm Compressor is available in single and two stage configurations.  Sub-series models are as follows:

  • 9X Single Stage
  • 9X/H Two Stage


Performance Envelope


Maximum Working Pressure  3,350 psi
Maximum Motor Size  250 hp 186 kW
Mounting  H Configuration
Materials of Construction  Process Side: SS
Crankcase: Ductile Iron
Connecting Rod: High Strength Ductile
Crosshead: Cast Iron
Cylinder: Ductile Iron
Wrist Pin: Tool Steel
Maximum Displacement 146.6 ft3/min
Speed Range 250 to 335 rpm
Maximum Discharge Temperature 450 °F 232 °C
Stroke Length 8 in
Process Connection Flanges 1 to 2.5in
Piston Range 3.3 to 11in
Crankshaft Diameter 5.5 in
Crankpin Diameter 4.25 in
Main Bearing Type Tapered Roller
Crank Bearing Type Babbit Sleeve
Crank Pin Bearing Type Roller
Lubricant-ISO 150
Lubrication Type Forced
Sump Capacity-Quarts 34
Oil Cooler Required
Cooling Type Water Cooled

API American Petroleum Institute
The American Petroleum Institute (API) has been working to standardize industrial equipment and operations via the development of API standards since 1924.

  • Petrochemical
  • Specialty Gases
  • Silicon Manufacturing